The two main activities of our company, the production of wired components and plastic products, are not necessary linked, since they may perform together according to the market requirements. Those are two different technologies, taking place in different floors.
Most automated production processes were established for great pretentious coils and electromechanical products in our coil winding plant. The most widely extended is the production of ignition coils for gas burners, electromagnet valves and safety blocks household appliances. The main portion of mentioned products is exported to United States of America; the other is traded to national producers of household appliances and electromechanical elements.
The coils are produced in plastic facility for our own purposes and so are other plastic products for complete mechanical products. Similarly, the other plastic products for industrial purposes are produced in mentioned facility.
We’ve installed central dosage system with granular dryers that ensure the further capacity widening working of plastic.
The construction and tool making are entrusted to the cooperator and such collaboration ensures the projects to be realized from their initial towards final production stages.