Our company began operating in 1976 when the cooperation with the Gorenje - Velenje Firm was expanded to production of wired components and plastic products. We have specialized in mass production of winding components and coils for industrial purposes.

At first we were developing working of plastic and the construction and production of tolls for our own purposes, but later we expanded the production for extensive buyer necessities. In time we managed to completely realize the procedure of forming complex plastic products and have evolved an automated and partially robotized massive production.

The construction and tool making are entrusted to the cooperator and so is the production of mentioned plastic masses.

Our biggest purchasers are: The ITW U.S.A Concern, Gorenje Slovenia, Ispracontrol Italy, Fastex Italy, Metalflex Slovenia and Saia-Burgess Germany.

We have incorporated the production and management of the company at new location in Škofija Loka Industrial zone, where there are 1300m2 of serviceable area. Our company employs 16 people.

Our vision is to expand to pretentious markets and to gain market share by assuring quality products. We always emphasize the meaning of quality. Because of the construction processes still in action, we didn’t manage to acquire the ISO 9001 certificate yet.